FROM AUGUST 2017 Newsletter

When I'm feeling vulnerable, uncertain, anxious, fearful, stagnant, unclear, or any combination of the above - I tend to go into hiding.

It is partly how I re-ground + reconnect to myself....hiding out in my little turtle shell that I call my body/my home... noticing all of my thoughts/feelings/sensations...and also, noticing how much I avoid noticing my thoughts/feelings/sensations (!), and back and forth like that....I mean, there is just soooo much going on sometimes - am I right?!?!

Tortoise Pose:  an intense, introspective pose that withdraws the senses from outside stimulation, slows an agitated nervous system, calms the mind, tones the spine and the abdominal organs, and increases hip flexibility as it lengthens the spine.

I find that I often need a reminder to look within.  A reminder that it's okay to stop whatever I'm doing, however meaningful or mundane, to shift my awareness to my body (even for just one breath), to acknowledge and allow whatever feels real for me in that moment, and to let myself really feel it.  And then, to ask myself if I'm willing to practice Letting it Go.    <Sometimes I want to skip over the "really feel it" part, and move on to the "letting it go" part.  And my intuition says, "Hold on there sister, THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC IS".  And sometimes I'm not willing to let it go at all, which tells me I have some more feeling to do.  And sometimes, it's a bit of both.  Can you relate?>.

For me, I most often receive the reminders I need in my yoga practice, and it's why I will forever be a student of Yoga, and also why I love teaching.  But that said, I do recognize that it is way easier for me to acknowledge my thoughts/feelings/sensations on my little private yoga mat island, than it is for me when I'm dealing with any difficult challenges that await me back on the main land.  However, will you imagine with me for a moment what it might be like for us if we took this little Inquiry off the mat more often?

What if this email served as a reminder to come back home to yourself.  What if you took this moment NOW to really acknowledge your feelings about something- anything.  What if you let yourself feel your feelings entirely, without judgement.  And what if, when you are ready, you decided to Let it Go.  How would your experience of yourself and your life shift + change?  On the mat, off mat.  Inhale, Exhale.  Taking a moment to honor your self, as you are. One moment at a time.

I'm really Grateful I came out of my turtle shell to say "hi" to you today.  The truth is, I miss seeing you and connecting with you on the regular.  I'm sending you so much Love + Light wherever you are, and wishing you much much peace within.

Turtle Power ;-)