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Harmony is not preachy or didactic. She is more like a pied piper. In a slow, graceful dance she leads the class through an integrated series of poses that gradually open more fully and that seamlessly link together. In her soft, almost hypnotic voice she clearly describes each movement, guiding us to strengthen and stretch while maintaining balance and stability.

The musical background she chooses is carefully timed to support the flow of physical and spiritual energy throughout her class. Her use of bells and a final group chant of OMhelp dissolve mental boundaries.

This wise and gentle teacher creates a unique wholeness of experience that is firmly grounded yet ever expanding. The class is a meditation, a prayer, that Inever want to end.

My greatest insight in Harmony’s class is not to fear death; life and death are partof a whole that is eternal. Also, acceptance of what is frees us to grow.

Greatest benefit is deep sense of well-being and connection that Itry to carry with me. Also, her classes were my first step to returning to exercise after injury and surgery. Her class felt like the safest place to try to move again.

Harmony is sensitive to the spoken and unspoken particular needs of her students and addresses these needs gently in class. Compassionate open-hearted spirit.
— Brenda Vallenas

**What do you experience in Harmony’s Yoga classes that keeps you coming

Being in Harmony’s yoga class is a first-hand experience of how it must
feel to be a musical instrument. Harmony says to move this sinew and
extend that muscle, and now my whole body is making music. And even
though I’m definitely not a Stradivarius, the music is always so good!

**If you were to capture the essence of your experience in Harmony’s
Yoga classes in one sentence, what would it be?

When I’m in Harmony’s yoga class, all those really hard asanas are still
really hard, but now they’re graceful and sly.

**What makes Harmony’s Yoga class different than any other Yoga classes
you’ve tried?

Most other yoga classes make you aware of your limits, and “you can just
forget extended side-angle pose.” In Harmony’s class there’s a musical
progression from one asana to the next, and even though you might make
some modifications, each move makes your whole body smile.

**Can you describe specifically what you appreciate about Harmony’s
teaching style?

I like that Harmony provides all levels of practitioners a joyful way to
access each pose. The moves always unfold in stages, and wherever you
are on that continuum, it’s great to be there!

**What has been your greatest insight within the space of Harmony’s class?

Before Harmony, I didn’t know how musical yoga is, nor how much a
practice can improve by moving into and out of the asanas gracefully.

**What has been the greatest benefit of Harmony’s Yoga class to your
overall well-being?

I always feel lighter after Harmony’s class. And as the day progresses,
I feel like I’ve just heard the punchline to a truly cosmic joke.
Savoring that feeling of lightness is really handy when a sense of
well-being is hard to come by.”
— Andy Jamieson, Glotrans Systems Engineer

I began my yoga practice a little over a year ago and Harmony was one of my first instructors that very first week. I felt and continue to feel invigorated, completely challenged, re centered and grateful for my time on the mat led by la Harmony.

Harmony really is her namesake, I feel that when I leave each and everyone of her classes even when I feel like she made me stretch in a way that felt ridiculously hard for a moment. She has a good balance of easing into the practice and she flows through the 50 minute class with so much grace, positivity and encouragement.

She constantly reminds folks to make the time on the mat their own, to push ourselves but not injure ourselves.

She is different because each class builds off the last class, like a piece of poetry we keep working on getting ourselves back in tune with our inner and outer selves. There is also a sense of deep tranquility when I practice with Harmony-its a deep atunement that is very spiritual in essence and she shares it with us in very intentional ways.

Harmony is the one holding the mirror reminding us that we have the power to heal ourselves through movement and flow.

As a community organizer I have so much stress and being in Harmony’s class has been essential to my overall well being. I need yoga to stay grounded, to remind me of my essence. I need yoga that aligns all the senses and I get that with Harmony. I will wake up just to get to her class. My practice has deepened tremendously because of her guidance. I am way more resilient, have greater stamina and can move into stances with greater ease because of my time in that studio.

I love the knowledge, the beautiful spirit and very giving soul that Harmony shares with us.
— Patricia Contreras, Community Organizer

A yoga session with Harmony is more than a class, it is an offering she makes from her being, and a gift one receives from her for your body and mind. Her calm and warm energy creates a safe space for beginners like me, while her knowledge offers challenges for more advanced practitioners. She brings a meditative approach that incorporates life experience and transcends the typical class that merely offers a series of poses. It’s a transformative way to begin your day.”
— Chihiro Wimbush, Filmmaker

I have been taking classes with Harmony for about 3 years now.I am a 66 year old male gardener who has been practicing Yoga in the Bay Area for over 30 yrs. I was so impressed with Harmony that I changed my work schedule so that I could take her classes.

Harmony puts so much into each of her constantly changing classes that it is apparent that she really cares! So many instructors come in with a lesson plan that never varies. Harmony has boundless energy and is obviously incredibly knowledgeable and uses all of that to shape a class that is both creative and healing spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I will return to her class over and over again!
— Chris Rausch

Attending Harmony’s class has become a necessity in my weekly maintenance of stress and mental health. I leave each class feeling both physically and mentally refreshed with a calmer perspective of the day.

The difference between Harmony’s class and other classes is that Harmony’s yoga dance is an exercise of the body and the mind. Also, the dance moves truly work all muscles in the body.

Harmony’s teaching style is all-inclusive. All movements, dances and abilities are accepted.
— Meredith Wheeler

**What do you experience in Harmony’s YogaDance classes that keeps you coming back?

It’s a great way to start the day! I am grounded, I am light, I am energized and I feel nurtured. Harmony encourages us to connect with other dancers, which creates a web of well-being.

**If you were to capture the essence of your experience in Harmony’s YogaDance classes in one sentence, what would it be?

It unfolds in response to what I am experiencing moment to moment and becomes my dance.

**What makes Harmony’s YogaDance class different than any other classes you’ve tried?

Harmony encourages and guides us and does lead us in routines, but I don’t feel that I have to keep up with anyone or keep my eye on her as the instructor. It’s completely process and the outcome takes care of itself.

**5 words that best describe your experience in Harmony’s class?

Connection; freedom; joy; spontaneity; fluidity

**Can you describe specifically what you appreciate about Harmony’s teaching style?

She guides and encourages expression and allows for individual expression.

**What has been your greatest insight within the space of Harmony’s class?

How much I appreciate just letting go without concern for whether I am “doing it right”.

**What has been the greatest benefit of Harmony’s YogaDance class to your overall well-being?

It provides a regular dose of joy and well-being that I carry through the week. I look forward to coming to class and connecting with my fellow dancers.
— Ellen Kaufman

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