begin where you are + Follow your Flow.

My approach to Yoga?  Begin where you are + follow your flow.  You are not here to practice perfect yoga, but to embrace your perfectly imperfect self on the mat, and to love her/him.  Often times we loose connection with ourselves when we are pushing or forcing ourselves to perfect a pose, or when we are stagnant waiting for something outside of our own experience to inspire us.  So, let's take a look at what is happening for you in this moment, wherever you are RIGHT.  NOW.  And let's flow with that.... This is a practice.  Just like the air you breathe, so long as you are breathing, there exists the possibility of presence & growth within you....You really Are Divine (I truly believe this!).

I teach a Hatha based "flowing" (Vinyasa = connecting breath to movement) style practice, and I recognize that everybody's body is different-thus needing different things!  I always offer modifications/suggestions that will help you find more ease and connection within your body throughout your practice.  Breathing and learning to be present + aware is the essence of my teaching.  My classes can be anywhere from light and joyful, to powerfully profound.  Energetic and inquisitive, to meditative and 'prayer-like'.  You will certainly receive a good dose of healing for the body +mind+heart, that will leave you feeling grounded, strong, peaceful and free.

Whether you are just beginning your journey into yoga or you have a regular practice, I'm so glad you are here!

I truly believe that Yoga is for all bodies, we just need to breathe & listen to what feels good!!! (and what doesn't) and to honor ourselves in each moment.  Your intention is your practice, and the practice of Yoga can be whatever you intend for it to be!  Are you looking to build strength & flexibility within the physical body?  Great!  Do you need a calming + meditative space to free your mind? Beautiful!  Are you not quite sure, but know that you love to feel fantastic in your body, and yoga helps you do that? Terrific!    Wherever you are & whatever you need, you know your body best (which makes you your best teacher!), but sometimes it's nice to receive a little guidance...

I am here to inspire + guide + support you along the way...

I like that Harmony provides all levels of practitioners a joyful way to
access each pose. The moves always unfold in stages, and wherever you
are on that continuum, it’s great to be there!
— Andy Jamieson

Join Us...

Yoga with Harmony

Mondays:  4:30 - 5:30pm @ FiveWellbeing Studio,  5602 S. Nevada Street, Littleton CO

Wednesdays + Thursdays: 8:15 - 9:15am @Southwest YMCA, 5181 W. Kenyon Ave, Denver CO

Ready. SET.  BEGIN!  I'd love to support you in your practice...

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