From February 2017 Newsletter

When the ground is shaking, when things feel a little unclear, when your "normal"  begins to shift + change...

Find your way back to your body.I can't even begin tell you how important it has been to remind myself to come back into my body over these last few months.  It's just so easy to let my mind wander 10 steps ahead or to cling to all those moments gone by.  When I notice my mind take over in these ways (it's a sneaky hostile takeover!) my body really feels it...I'm moving quickly, holding my breath, muscles are tense, body heavy/tight/contracted, thoughts are moving quickly--it usually doesn't feel too good.  But it is in these moments, when I am noticing the stress/anxiousness/pain/fear within my body, that I am given a gift.  Yes indeed!  For I am reminded to come back to the present.  Thank you body for communicating this to me!

A forever gift available to us long as we are living breathing beings on this beautiful earth...we have the opportunity to practice presence, to be here now--it is our birthright.  And "body awareness" helps us tune in to the magic of this moment more and more often.

My invitation to you now is to notice if your mind is in hostile take-over mode...Is it?  Where are you?  And just for fun...Here are a few practices/inquires that you might enjoy bringing into your next moment:

  • Breathe Deeply - Make it a regular practice to breath deeply and sense your body.
  • Relax - Allow the body to soften with your exhalations.
  • Feel - Allow all feelings/sensations within the body to be felt fully.
  • Watch - Watch these sensations as they move + shift and change.
  • Inquire within -  What do I need right now?And how  might I give this to myself?
  • Love + Gratitude - "Thank you body, for all the things that you do to support me in feeling my aliveness!  I love you." 

I value + cherish you.
May all love surround you!