From June 2016 Newsletter

We are approaching the summer solstice...when nature truly comes alive and beckons us into her great outdoor playground!  Summer is nature's glorious exhale...all that rich life energy that has been lying dormant through winter, and cultivating it's yumminess through spring, now gets to SHINE open with the sun!

And along with all this comes... busyness, vacations/stay-cations, no school/childcare, etc...

So.  As you step into your summer... hiking, biking, climbing, boating, star gazing, insert your favorite summertime activity here—remember that just like nature, your body deserves a glorious exhale!  And because there is so much to explore, it can be possible to "forget" to ENJOY it all.  

This summer, let’s play with bringing the essence of yoga with us on our journey.  Finding moments within all the "fun stuff" to nurture with nature...practicing your favorite pose(s) on rock, sand, grass, or in a forest; or breathing in stillness feeling the air + sun caress your skin.  

Let's practice being mindfully aware of ourselves in each moment, so that we might find (and sustain) the balance point between our ecstatic bursting energy (like the sun) and the feeling our own two feet grounded deep into the earth (like a tree).

I'll keep it brief.  I know you are busy!
I'd love to know how it all goes for you!
Feel free to send me updates + photos of your journey into summer on earth's delightful playground! I do mean it.

Blessings on your summer.