Voodoo Yoga


Acupuncture + Yoga

Acupuncture and Yoga are two of the best health interventions you can give yourself.  Voodoo Yoga brings you two interventions in one!   Inspiring a deeper release for the WHOLE BEING.

Acupuncture helps the body to heal itself...strengthening the immune system, eliminating pain, and bringing the body back into balance.  Yoga builds awareness within, helping you connect to a deeper more grounded sense of WHO YOU ARE, while improving flexibility, building muscle strength, and finding peace of mind.  These two practices combined together create a deeper release for your WHOLE BEING - as you heal your body + calm your mind + lift your spirit.

Picture this...

After work, pulling up to a fireplace warmed room,  laying down receiving Acupuncture, breathing deep, then moving into an amazing Yoga flow.  Then somehow driving home & slipping into a Deep Sleep- YUM!

Receive.  Release.  Rejuvenate.  Relax.

Wednesday evening 6:30-8:30pM

@ our home studio space in Oakland

$30 single session

(These are small group classes - mat space is limited)

Please REGISTER HERE to save your space.

For more information/details contact:  harmonylivingstonyoga@gmail.com

Hosted By:

Daphne Livoni is a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & Nutritionist and has been practicing holistic medicine for over 10 years.  Her ability to focus in on and heal imbalance in the body, using a gentle and safe needling technique along with highly sensitive communication skills, makes her a effective, successful healer.

Harmony Livingston is a certified Yoga Teacher (School of Sacred Arts, Bali Indonesia), and a licensed Let Your Yoga Dance Facilitator (Kripalu, Lenox MA) helping others connect to their true inner spirit and to that which moves them deeply--one breath, one movement, one moment at a time.